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Social media analysis reveals positivity around climate action and economic growth - 16th December

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Positive social media messages around climate action and economic growth have increased by 700% over the last three years according to a new study released yesterday by New Climate Economy.

This dramatic shift highlights the indicative changes of how businesses, investors, and governments understand the relationship between climate change and economic growth; and how the goals are being increasingly viewed as mutually compatible.

By analysing nearly half a million relevant posts in English between January 2013 and December 2015, messages supporting the compatibility of climate action and economic growth have increased by an impressive 1500%, whilst negative social media commentary has decreased by around 15%.

Helen Mountford, the Programme Director at New Climate Economy commented on the striking shift in positive attitudes about climate action and economic growth. Mountford stated: “there is a deepening understanding that climate action is not only necessary, but it can also be good for development and growth. This understanding is now beginning to take root and certainly contributed to the positive momentum driving the successful Paris Agreement”.

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