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Sea level rise set to leave world cities under water due to rising temperatures - 17th November


The latest UN warnings are predicting a global warming of 3C which would leave numerous cities around the world below sea level. Data from the Climate Central scientists suggest this sea level rise would be irreversible and calls upon world leaders to act in order to reduce their carbon emissions.

This would cause dramatic implications for some of the world’s most famous beaches, landmarks and also for farmland. Sea level would cover cities including Shanghai, Rio, Osaka and the entire lower third of the US.

However, international and local leaders are not acting quickly enough or hard enough in order to prevent these effects from taking place. The findings were published in time for the climate change conference in Bonn, Germany last week, in which world leaders met to negotiate the monitoring of climate change so that it does not go above a 2C rise, as well as ways of reducing carbon emissions and preventing the otherwise inevitable impacts from occurring.

Current programmes for change are too slow and unless leaders commit fully to reducing climate change otherwise the world will see a 3C rise by the end of the century.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is currently rising at a record breaking rate, figures which have not been seen in over 3 million years ago.  The current predicted temperature rise would lead to longer droughts and stronger hurricanes as well as covering the coastline of numerous places globally with a sea level rise of up to two meters., affecting hundreds of millions of people residing in these areas. This in turn could create a knock on effect to other parts of the world.

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