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Scottish wind powers 206% of electricity demand on 2nd October 6th October


Wind power date analysed by WWF Scotland showed that Scottish wind turbines produced over 86,000MWh of electricity to the National Grid on Monday, compared to total electricity consumption of all homes, business and industry of over 41,000MWh.

This remarkable feat is the equivalent of wind power producing 206% of Scotland’s entire electricity demands of the day, which WWF Scotland calculated to be enough electricity to power 7,116,000 homes; nearly triple the number of Scottish households!

Sam Gardner, WWF Scotland Director commented that “Scotland’s renewable sector is thriving but to make sure that we have the most efficient, cheapest system possible, we need more focus on electricity storage, reducing demand and strengthening networks”.

WeatherEnergy data was also analysed for September, which showed that wind power generated the equivalent of 63% of Scotland’s electricity needs for the entire month. Of these statistics, Karen Robinson of WeatherEnergy said “This shows just how far renewables have come”.

Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse stated that the data shows “early adoption of clean, green energy technology and infrastructure was the right thing to do” and that “Despite damaging policy changes from the UK Government, we will continue to harness –and bolster – Scotland’s renewables potential, both in generation and infrastructure”. Mr Wheelhouse continued to say that “the renewable electricity sector also supports 26,000 jobs and has a turnover of £5bn, which is set to grow further as new capacity comes on-stream…That’s why I am determined to ensure renewable power remains a key and growing component of our energy strategy”.

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Photo credit: Community Windpower Ltd.

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