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Scottish Renewables UK general election manifesto 12th May

Scottish Renewables

Scottish Renewables has launched its manifesto ahead of the UK General election on 8th June.

Launched yesterday (Thurs 11th) Chief Executive, Niall Stuart, said: “The growth of renewables has been one of the defining shifts in our energy system over the last decade, with renewables in Scotland now generating a significant share of the UK’s electricity needs”

“Advances in technology and rapid cost reductions means that our industry can generate further economic and environmental benefits to Scotland and the UK – providing affordable energy for households and business, and driving clean growth across the country”

Scottish Renewables, a membership organisation representing 270 individuals and businesses working in the renewable energy sector in Scotland, has set out the following recommendations for affordable energy and clean growth.

  1. Maintain commitment to climate change targets
  2. Unlock investment on low-cost forms of energy
  3. Continue the growth of less-established technologies
  4. Accelerate the decarbonisation of heat and transport within an integrated energy system
  5. Enable local communities to benefit from clean growth
  6. Support research and innovation to deliver a smarter energy system
  7. Back our low-carbon energy sector

With 24% of the UK’s renewable power being generated in Scotland (2016), Scottish renewables are looking forward to working with the UK’s next government to deliver their shared ambitions of a prosperous, green country.

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