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Scottish renewables see booming Maytime production 5th June


Data provided by WeatherEnergy reveals that wind production alone supplied 95% of Scottish homes in May providing 863.5 gigawatts of electricity to the National Grid, increasing nearly 20% on May 2016 figures.

The data also showed that in several areas of Scotland, homes fitted with solar PV panels generated more than 100% of electricity needs of an average household.

Wind power generated the equivalent of 46% of total Scottish electricity consumption for the entire month, however the 15th May in particular generated enough electricity through wind production for 190% of Scottish homes, or 99% of Scotland’s total electricity demand.

Acting director of WWF Scotland Dr Sam Gardner noted that whilst the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement was disappointing, “The global energy revolution is unstoppable and continues at pace here in ScotlandMonth after month, renewables play a vital role in cutting carbon emissions and powering the Scottish economy”.

The sunniest place in Scotland was Lerwick on the Shetland Islands, generating 114% of average household electricity demand, whilst Dundee followed in a close second with 112%.

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