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Scottish renewables hit new record - 5th January


Renewable energy in Scotland had a brilliant year in 2014, ending with a record topping December. Analysis completed by WWF Scotland, based on WeatherEnergy figures, show that December was a record month for wind power in Scotland, with wind turbines producing enough energy to supply more than 100% of households on 25 out of the 31 days.

Throughout the whole of 2014, Scotland’s wind farms generated enough power to meet 98% of homes electrical needs. The research also found that solar panels in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness generated 100% or more of the electricity needed in an average home during June and July.

Lang Banks, WWF Scotland director highlighted “without doubt 2014 was a massive year for renewables with wind turbines and solar panels helping to ensure millions of tonnes of climate wreaking carbon emissions were avoided”. He added that “with 2015 being a critical year for addressing climate change internationally, it’s vital that Scotland continues to press ahead with plans to harness even greater amounts of clean energy”.

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