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Scottish renewables continue to set records, and are set for further progress 11th October


The Scottish Government are due to publish a new Scottish Energy Strategy (SES) by the end of the year, and is anticipated to set out their vision for 50% of all energy to be supplied from renewables – including heat, transport and electricity.

Whilst ambitious, Brodies’ industry survey revealed that 60% believed it was achievable despite UK Government subsidy changes. Wind energy also promises a major role in the SES, 21 years since the first Scottish wind farm began contributing to the National Grid. Latest figures show onshore wind accounting for 30% of total Scottish renewable turnover.

Head of energy and natural resources at Harper Macleod, David Bone commented that large-scale and efficiently operating wind farms are an important aspect of the SES in order to operate in a subsidy-free environment. David Bone continued to add that whilst decarbonising electricity had made great progress, heat and transport sectors need to be focused on to help meet the ambitious targets expected in the new SES.

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