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Scottish onshore wind output soars 36% on previous year - 6th October


Scottish onshore wind output was 36% higher in September compared with a year earlier, which includes two days in which wind power created enough energy to meet all of the country’s electricity needs.

The data released reveals that wind turbines produced over 766,000 megawatt-hours of electricity which is enough to power 87% of Scottish homes.

WWF Scotland have hailed the new data as “astonishing” and have led for calls to expand the renewables revolution to heat and transport sectors. Their director, Lang Banks, said “September was an astonishing month for wind power, with output up more than a third compared to the same period last year”.

Banks praised the work of political and public support as being responsible for making such great stride in generating renewable power, and called upon politicians to “continue to play a leading role globally in cutting carbon emissions” by expanding renewables to heat and transport sectors as well as electricity.

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