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Scottish homes cut carbon footprint by a quarter since 2009 – 4th January


The carbon footprint of Scottish homes has reduced by a quarter since 2009’s passing of climate change legislation, according to new research from WWF Scotland.

WWF Scotland established that the carbon footprint fell since the initiation of the Scottish Climate Change Act. This law passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2009 put in place targets to reduce emissions year by year up to 2020.

WWF Scotland commended the climate change act for promoting greener means of heating and powering households.

Since the passing of the climate change act, government figures show that carbon emissions have fallen per person from 2.4 to 1.8 tonnes on average.

Further analysis of the data by WWF Scotland discovered that the decrease amount differed between council areas, with West Lothian demonstrating the smallest decrease of 21.6%, and the Highlands achieving the highest decrease of 30.3%.

"The Scottish Parliament’s first Climate Change Act put us at the forefront of a global energy transition.” said Gina Hanrahan, Acting Head of Policy for WWF Scotland.

"These figures show that individuals across Scotland and governments at every level have played a part in cutting the climate damage of our home energy usage.”

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