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Scottish growers Berry exited by new technology - 10th March


Scottish strawberries will be hitting the shelves on the 10th March 2017, 2 weeks earlier than last year. It is though this is the earliest harvest of Scottish grown strawberries thanks to the innovative heating system in specially built greenhouses in Angus.

Strawberries can now be grown for 8 months of the year thanks to this new technology and is helping farmers, such as Abby Fruit in Angus, meet the demands of the Scottish consumer.

The new biomass boiler system has allowed growers to significantly extend the season and meet increasing demand for the succulent fruit. Strawberry grower, Peter Sterling who grows strawberries in Arbroath anticipates he will be able to grow close to 170 tonnes more than last year.

The biomass heating system also allows Scottish growers to compete with farmers in England and the Netherlands. Peter grows the wood to feed the biomass boilers on his own land, ensuring a sustainable fuel source.

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