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Scottish Energy Minister Calls for Discussions over Wind Farm Subsidies


The Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing has called for an “adult discussion” with the UK government ahead of the proposed plans to cut subsidies for wind farms. Fergus Ewing wrote to Amber Rudd Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to express his concerns that Scotland is not being included in discussions on the subject.

Fergus Ewing wrote: “We have not received any information from your department on the possible options you are considering or what analysis has been done to assess the impact on projects in Scotland. “Given the importance of the renewables sector to Scotland and prior commitments to consult, I would appreciate your reassurance that you will not make any changes to the subsidy arrangements for onshore wind without agreement from Scottish ministers.”

Nicola Sturgeon has also gone on to say that it is “very concerning that changes are coming out in a piecemeal way via the media rather than with proper consultation with this government”. Sturgeon has also told the government “not to turn its back on this key industry”.

Fergus Ewing’s letter continues “given the obvious disquiet within the sector I strongly urge that your department engage with businesses involved in the sector and their trade bodies – both to give them reassurance that any changes to the subsidy regime are being taken forward in a considered and planned way, but also to ensure that your department retains good faith with these businesses and organisations who are integral to the future energy security of both the UK and Scotland.”

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