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Scotland’s multi-billion pound benefit of wind farms - 29th April 2015

Wind Farm Benefit

Approximately £250 million of the total goes directly into local communities as a result of the turbines installed in their area. The report goes on to state that Scotland is the leading country for onshore wind in the UK with just over 4,918 megawatts installed. This can power 200,000 more households than the 2.4 million recorded by the 2011 census.

Maria McCaffery (Chief Executive of RenewableUK) stated that "This report also shows that onshore wind really does bring benefits to the UK - with £7 in every £10 spent on projects invested in the UK.” Onshore wind powers local economies, bringing £199m of investment into local areas where communities host wind farms, and creating jobs across the supply chain. "The industry is helping to propel Britain to a brighter, cleaner future - onshore wind is already the lowest cost of all low carbon options, with potential to be the least cost form of electricity within the next five years."

The figures form part of a report, undertaken by BiGGAR Economics for RenewableUK, which argues that the economic benefits of developing onshore wind are strongly felt across the UK, generating a total £906m in gross value added (GVA) revenue to the UK economy in 2014 alone. Since the beginning of 2012, GVA has risen by £358m (up 65 per cent), revealing the increasing contribution that the onshore wind industry and its supply chain makes to the UK economy, the industry says.

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