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Scotland set for first deep geothermal heating system- 22nd September


The Scottish Government have awarded a £1.8m grant to a deep geothermal heating system project, which will be the first of its kind for Scotland; signalling new opportunities for sustainable heat in the region.

Geothermal technology will be a new venture for Scotland. Heat is produced by drilling wells to pump water deep into the Earth, where the heat radiating from the Earth’s mantle heats the liquid which can then be used for heating or electricity.

This flagship scheme marks the first of its kind for Scotland; however this technology has already been approved for other areas of the UK such as Cornwall, and is common place in parts of Europe. Iceland, for example, is well known for its use of geothermal technology, given its ideal location and resources. Here, geothermal power is used to heat around 90% of homes, according to the Guardian website.

One of the key advantages of this project is that this investment will help reduce fuel poverty by providing heating at lower than market rates, to newly redeveloped homes. The project will supply heat for the new Halo Kilmarnock site, which will also include a new business centre, an urban park, leisure facilities, and social housing for rent.

The geothermal element of the project will be developed by a joint venture of Arup and Geothermal Engineering and is due to be completed next year, thanks to the £1.8m investment as part of the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

This flagship investment into geothermal technology has been well received, as it promises to supply sustainable, renewable heat for the entire Halo development as well as addressing fuel poverty by providing heat at a price lower than the current market standard.

For the full article and to read more from the Independent, click here.

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

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