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Scotland Reap Community Benefits - 17th June 2015

Onshore Wind

According to new research Scotlands onshore wind industry now invests more than £8.8m in community projects which is the highest ever amount. The cash that has come from developers building renewable energy projects in the areas is been spent in a variety of different ways.

Recent grants have been used to build a new community hall in Daviot, Aberdeenshire, send a dance school from West Lothian to the European Street Dance Championships in Germany and to buy a thermal imaging camera so residents in Sutherland can see where their homes need extra insulation.

ScottishPower Renewables’ Mark Hill and Arecleoch wind farms community fund has provided £15,000 to Adventure Centre for Education in Girvan.

The details come from the constantly-updated Local Energy Scotland Community Renewables Register.

Chris Morris of Local Energy Scotland said: “The Register shows not just the financial value of Community Benefit funds, providing sustainable income to Scottish communities every year, but also shows what can be achieved with the revenue.

“We strongly encourage developers and communities alike to visit the Register and browse the information available, and of course upload information of any schemes in which they are involved.”


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