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Scotland providing 2.6 million for green energy projects - 4th December


Across Scotland, the government is funding 12 projects with over £2 million in support of green energy solutions, through the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

One idea includes energy efficient homes for the elderly in North Lanarkshire, whilst another has designed low carbon heat provisions at the University of the West of Scotland’s Ayr campus.

The idea behind the support scheme is to provide many of Scotland’s consumers across the whole country with “an alternative, greener and potentially cheaper energy source”, according to Paul Wheelhouse, the Business Minister. He also claims the projects will benefit the local economy by providing permanent jobs for locals which in return will boost the economy.

The projects are funded by a number of sources including the Scottish Government, the government’s District Heating Loan Fund and project partners.

Acting director at WWF Scotland, Dr Sam Gardner, said changes to heating homes and offices, as well as how we travel and power industries will provide numerous social and economic benefits. He claims the support programme is a step in the right direction as he believes it is possible but also necessary to generate half of our energy from renewable by 2030.  

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