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Scotland hit annual climate change target, but are urged to keep ambitions high - 16th June


The Scottish Government’s annual target for cutting climate change emissions has been met this week, in an announcement which has been welcomed by many environmental groups. Sarah Beattie-Smith, Senior Climate and Energy Policy Officer at WWF Scotland, believes that this is evidence of Scotland’s capability of meeting ambitious climate targets and should compel stronger action to further benefit Scotland, such as through cleaner air, job creation, improving health and cutting fuel poverty.

Despite great progress, especially in the energy sector which has lost its distinction as the largest emitting sector, the figures released show that the transport sector needs urgent action. Emissions in transport have seen an increase in 0.4% from 2015, yet whilst other nations such as India and Norway have signalled strong intentions to halt sales of new petrol and diesel cars, Scotland’s ambition lags behind. Sarah Beattie-Smith calls for urgent action and notes that the final Climate Change Plan due later this year and a new Climate Change Bill would be a prime opportunity to reaffirm Scotland as it’s place as a world leader on climate change.

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