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Scotland can achieve 50% renewable energy target by 2030, says new report - 11th October


The report “The Energy of Scotland: Heating, moving and powering our lives from now to 2030” was based on independent analysis by Ricardo Energy and Environment and sets out the actions necessary to meet 50% of Scotland’s energy needs by renewable energy sources.

WWF Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland and RSPB Scotland have led calls for the Scottish government to bring forward the policies to enable this vision.

Some of the suggestions from the report include:

  •          A Warm Homes Act to ensure access to cleaner and affordable heat, with two-fifths of Scottish homes to be heated by renewable sources
  •          A national energy efficiency programme to reduce domestic energy use by 30%
  •          A third of cars, and half of all buses should be electric

WWF Scotland director Lang Banks stated that the report highlights that the renewables target is not only necessary but achievable, and urged ministers to bring in the policies to ensure the target is met.  Banks points to the many economic and social benefits that would come from the renewables target, and calls for the time to increase the use of renewables in heat and transport sectors.

Paul Wheelhouse, the Energy Minister, called the report “a useful contribution to the ongoing debate around the future of energy in Scotland”, especially to a government which aims to generate 100% of Scotland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020. The Scottish government will publish its third climate change plan in 2017 on how it intends to meet emissions targets between now and 2032, and on their long term reduction of emissions by 2050.

The energy spokesman for the Scottish Greens mentions that the reports’ findings “are more than achievable, so long as the government shows enough ambition and determination to adopt the recommendations”.

For the full report, click here.

For more from the BBC, click here.

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