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Scotland Calls for Clarity on CfD - 24th June 2015

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The Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing has called on the UK Government to give some clarity on the CfD regime for Onshore Wind. In a statement to the Scottish Government, Ewing called for clarity and an early indictation of the next round of CfD and its level of budget.

The statement follows DECC Secretary Amber Rudd's comments to the UK Parliment yesterday hinting that onshore wind may be excluded from the second round of CfD bidding. These comments came following last weeks decision to end the Renewables Obligation one year early in April 2016.

Fergus Ewings statement read "Onshore Wind is the least expensive sourse of renewable energy, and to ignore the massive resourse available from Scotland, and to squander the huge economic benefits for customers, communities and companies is utter folly.

trade body Scottish Renewables have said the onshore wind industry could grind to a halt if the government goes ahead with plans to remove the technology from the CfD auction process. There chief executive Niall Stuart said wind being blocked from the CfD would result in a massive and dramatic decline in the development adding that this announcement serves to furtehr undermine the confidence of Scotland's onshore wind industry.

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