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Researchers say new Australian coal plants would be twice as costly as renewables - 27th January


A plan for new coal power plants, which government ministers say could reduce emissions from coal-generated electricity by 27%, would cost more than $60bn, a new analysis has found.

Achieving the same reduction using only renewable energy would cost just half as much – between $24bn and $34bn – the report found.

The resources minister, Matthew Canavan, and the energy and environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, have been arguing for new coal power plants to be built in Australia.

Last week, Canavan released analysis he commissioned from the industry department, which found replacing all Australia’s coal power stations with the latest “ultra super-critical” coal-fired power stations would reduce emissions in that sector by 27%.

Frydenberg has also raised the conclusions in interviews, and promoted the benefits of coal power.

Neither has responded to questions about the cost of reducing coal-fired power emissions by 27% using the latest technology.

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