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Reports suggest big emitters are preparing Paris Agreement ratification - 26th August


Brazil, the US and China could all formally approve the Paris Agreement in the coming weeks.

Local reports suggest Brazil could become the world's first major economy to ratify the Paris Agreement, with formal approval of the international climate deal possibly coming as early as Monday.  China and the US are expected to announce their approval for the deal next month.

The latest developments follow bilateral climate talks between the US and China that have fuelled hopes the two superpowers could also soon ratify the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement will be ratified formally once a minimum of 55 countries accounting for a minimum of 55% of global emissions approve the treaty.  Currently, 23 countries accounting for just over 1% of emissions have ratified the agreeement.  Brazil would account for a further 2% while the US and China account for approximately 38% of emissions.

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