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Report shows Paris climate goals are achievable - January 18th


Reporting on the sixth International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) meeting, taking place in Abu Dhabi, The Guardian says it is the first major gathering of representatives from around the globe since Paris. It will be an important test of each nations ability to put their plans in to action.

The IRENA meeting, taking place until the 22nd of January, is expected to announce that if governments act quickly, they can keep to their commitments made in Paris by introducing emissions cutting policies, and expanding access to clean energy technologies. The Guardian report claims that if the amount of global energy generated by renewables in scaled up to 36%, it would account for half of the emissions reductions required, with energy efficiency improvements making up the other half.

Adnan Amin, IRENA’s Director General stated that:

“The Paris agreement set a long term-vision for the deep reduction of global emissions and the need to decarbonise the energy sector... The IRENA assembly must now take the next steps and establish a blueprint for action to meet our climate goals and set the world on a path to a sustainable energy future.”

A report published by IRENA on the 16th of January claimed that global GDP could rise by 1.1%, approximately $1.3tn, if the share of renewable were doubled by 2030. This would create an estimated 24 million jobs in the renewables sector, according to The Guardian.

As mentioned in a recent Community Windpower article, some of those changes are already underway. Global clean energy investment attracted a record $329bn last year, according to a report released on Thursday by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The report noted the rise in clean energy investment came despite the drop in oil prices.

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