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Renewable investments in 2015 double those spent on new coal and gas power stations - 1st June


The Renewables Global Status Report has found that new solar, wind and hydropower sources were added in 2015 at the fastest rate the world has yet seen.

The addition of 147 GW of capacity worldwide is mostly attributed to China, the US, Japan, the UK and India. The report shows that emerging economies have, for the first time, spent more than developed economies on renewable power and fuels which indicates how falling costs of renewable infrastructure has led to a greater focusing on renewable energy.

In the US alone, 154 companies employing 11 million people have committed to 100% renewable energy, which in tandem with the 8 million directly employed by renewable energy worldwide, provides impressive statistics regarding the increasing role of renewable energy in the economy.

There is however still scope for expansion, as the Paris Climate Agreement has led to 173 nations implementing renewable energy targets, whilst areas such as transport and heating are yet to experience the uptake that renewable electricity has seen. These promising signs show that perhaps the best is yet to come for renewable energy.

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