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Renewable energy workforce reaches 9.8 million 24 May

Renewable Energy

According to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) more than 9.8 million people were employed in the renewable energy sector in 2016.

In the report – ‘Renewable Energy and Jobs: Annual Review 2017’ – IRENA provides the latest employment figures for the sector and analysis of the factors affecting the renewable labour market.

It was found that China, Brazil, USA, India, Japan and Germany accounted for the majority of the jobs in the renewable-energy sector. Of which 3.64 million of the jobs were in China, while Asia provided 62% of the jobs.

The solar energy sector was the largest employer in 2016 up 12% from 2015 with 3.1 million jobs. Wind employed 1.2 million people up 12% from the previous year, while biofuels, biomass, and biogas provided 1.7million, 700,000 and 300,000 respectively.

IRENA director-general Adnan Amin said: “Falling costs and enabling policies have steadily driven up investment and employment in renewable energy worldwide since IRENA’s first annual assessment in 2012, when just over 7 million people were working in the sector”

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