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Renewable energy schemes are boosting Scottish communities by £10m a year – 04 December


The Scottish First Minister made the announcement that Scottish communities are seeing a £10 million annual benefit as a result of renewable energy projects at the Scottish Green Energy Awards in Edinburgh last night.

Nicola Sturgeon stated that these impressive figures highlight her administration’s commitment to renewable energy, and ensuring that local people benefit from energy developments. She notes that national guidance has encouraged developers to increase the value of community benefits that they offer, and that the figure of £10m per year is set to rise.

The First Minister claimed that “local energy now helps to fund energy efficiency schemes, fuel poverty alleviation programmes and befriending projects which reduce isolation for elderly people. They meet local priorities because they are run by local communities”.

She has now called for the UK Government to review its policies to ensure energy security through investing in new technologies, ahead of her visit to the UN Paris Climate Conference. Last month, the UK Government announced that it was withdrawing its £1bn competition to develop carbon capture and storage technology on power stations. Sturgeon has stated that she has been astonished by this decision and the decision to cut renewable energy subsidies, whilst agreeing a 35 year contract for nuclear generation.

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