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Renewable energy is top choice for Scots - 1st March

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A YouGov survey has found that 70% of Scots want to see more renewable energy development, with 40% saying they would consider Solar Panels on the roof of their own homes.

A poll published will show that 70% of the Scottish public have put renewable energy as the top energy choice, hoping that the next Government will make renewable energy development a top priority.

The survey asked more than 1000 Scottish residents which energy source they would prefer to see the next Scottish Government prioritise and 7 out of 10 stated they wanted to see more renewable energy such as wind, solar and tidal projects. Two-thirds of the people asked also agreed with the statement that the next Government should “continue to take forward policies that tackle greenhouse gas emissions and climate change”

The chief executive for Scottish Renewables, who commissioned the poll said “The poll suggests that the people of Scotland continue to be strongly behind the growth of renewable energy, with support for the sector way ahead of any other,” he continued “Just months after the Paris climate change agreement, the poll also shows clear support for Scotland’s next government to prioritise policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

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