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Renewable Energy Gets Scot's Vote - 10th April


According to a recent poll by YouGov, almost four in five Scottish adults (79%) believe the next UK Government should implement policies to continue to develop renewable energy in the General Election. This figure is much higher compared to those backing fracking for shale gas (26%), new nuclear power stations (45%) or the 49% who favour extending or building coal / gas fired power stations.

The Director of Policy at Scottish Renewables, Jenny Hogan states these poll results illustrate the strong support for renewable energy among Scottish residents and may be the only energy option they would support. She goes on to say: “I believe this survey reflects the fact that most people in Scotland accept we must continue to change the way we power and heat our homes and businesses in order to tackle climate change.”

In recent years the amount of energy generated by renewable electricity has doubled and it is hoped that the government will continue to back the growth of this sector.

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