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Renewable electricity generation reaches record high in Scotland 30th June


Renewable electricity generation has reached a record high in Scotland, as a new UK government report shows that generation is up by 13% in Q1 of 2017, compared with the same period in 2016. Scottish total installed renewable electricity capacity is now 9.3GW, with more than half of all gross electricity consumption in Scotland coming from renewable sources.

The renewable electricity sector supports 26,000 jobs and has a turnover of £5bn; a figure set to grow as new capacity is planned. Paul Wheelhouse, Scottish Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy stated that these figures highlight the progress and reputation Scotland has forged for itself, and that they “are a vindication of the Scottish Government’s energy policy”. Wheelhouse continued to speak of a determination “to ensure renewable power remains a key and growing component of our energy strategy” despite the UK Government’s withdrawal of funding.

WWF Scotland’s acting director Dr Sam Gardner praised the “fantastic news” and urged the Scottish Government to make clear plans for decarbonising the heat and transport sectors to continue the social and economic benefits generated from renewable electricity generation.

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