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Record wind power levels as new research shows clear majority back wind energy projects near them

Wind Farm

Research conducted by RenewableUK showed a new daily record amount of electricity generated from wind. Official figures from the National Grid showed that on Sunday 7th December an average of 7.315GW of power was produced by wind farms (beating the previous record of 7.234GW). This equated to 43% of all British homes were powered by wind on Sunday.

RenewableUK also made comment on research which was carried out by the Accent for the Energy Institute and New Power Magazine which showed that 61% of people would accept a wind turbine, or several turbines, within five miles of their home. The research, which was carried out in November, among householders throughout the UK, found that only 24% of people would welcome a gas extraction site with possible fracking near them, and just 18% backed local nuclear. The only technology with more popular support than wind was solar PV.

Jennifer Webber (RenewableUK Director of External Affairs) stated that “This research shows the majority of people welcome wind turbines near them, and no wonder when they’re providing clean, domestic power when it’s needed most like on cold December Sundays. The research findings chime with the constant two thirds support people express for onshore wind. Yet despite voters from across the political divide clearly showing that they want more wind power, it continues to be blocked. It’s time for politicians to get real and show support for the technology which currently powers over six and a half million homes for 5p a day on the average household bill”.

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