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Record numbers are using Scottish food banks - 16th January


According to new research, a record number of adults and children relied upon food banks in Scotland in December 2014.

Nearly 10,500 people visited the Trussell Trust’s 48 food banks for the first time in the charity’s history. The research revealed that a third of the users cited low incomes and not welfare benefit delays for their visit. This is a 13% increase from the number of visitors from December 2013.  The people visiting the Scottish food banks were given a three day supply of nutritionally balanced food by the charity, a third of them were children.

Ewan Gurr, the charity’s network manager for Scotland, voiced his concerns for low income families leading up to Christmas, “every day we are hearing working people describe the devastating reality of sustaining their families with static incomes and unstable employment against consistently rising costs of essentials like food and rent”.

The Trust, which operates more than 1,200 food distribution centres across the UK, has seen an increase of people using their Scotland based food banks by 398% between 2012/13 and 2013/14.

For the first time in 2014, 28% of people said they used a Scottish food bank due to low income in December, 24% because of a benefit delay and 15% due to benefit change.

Community Windpower Ltd is delighted to be a Patron and have a Working Partnership with the North Ayrshire Foodbank based in Ardrossan. The North Ayrshire Foodbank covers the whole of North Ayrshire providing “emergency food for local people in crisis”.

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