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Public may accept energy bill rises for a greener grid - 15th April

Wind farm

48% of people would pay more towards investment in renewable energy and combating climate change according to a recent Ernst Young survey, despite the rising cost of living.

2000 people were polled by Ernst Young with just under a quarter being willing to pay a £5 monthly increase in order to tackle climate change and 27% of the survey would pay an additional £6 to fund renewable energy.

However in the same survey a third of consumers were most concerned about their energy bill over other household bills, with 1 in 10 missing energy payments in the last year. It is believed that greater information to consumers about their energy bills would re-establish the relationship between consumers and the utilities companies.

This survey shows the willingness of the public to pay extra for clean energy and maintain an active interest in their energy, supplier and what their money is being used for. This emphasises the importance for government and industry to build consumer relations and to help gain consumer confidence in the reform that the UK’s Energy Infrastructure needs.

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