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Poorer countires make moves to tackle climate change - 23rd November


Almost 50 of some of the most disadvantaged nations are looking to Green and be have renewables as their main source of power by the year 2050. The countries pledged at the Climate Vulnerable Forum, this year in Marrakech, that they will update their national plans to cut carbon emissions by 2020. These negotiations have been going on, more or less as a result of Donald Trump’s election as the next US president.

In a combined effort to show that even as some of the most deprived countries in the world they can still make a concerted effort to tackle climate change. Members of the CVF have promised to be 100% green between 2030 and 2050. The promises made in the forum promise that the members will be meeting 100% renewable energy production as soon as possible whilst also trying to end energy poverty.

Part of the vision is to also create plans to sustain the climate cutting pledges whilst also looking to move towards as carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy. Much of this will depend on “richer” nations helping the countries to reach their goals, as part of the Paris agreement, they have promised to contribute $100 billion a year from the year 2020.

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