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Onshore wind worth 900m to UK economy 29th April 2015

Wind power economy

A new report has found that the UK’s onshore wind industry contributed £906 million to the UK economy last year, of which 30% directly benefits local areas. The industry’s contribution has risen by 65% (£358m) since 2012 and it is thought that each megawatt of installed onshore wind brings £2 million to the UK over its lifetime.

Onshore wind is already the lowest cost of the low carbon technologies and is set to become the cheapest form of electricity over the next 5 years. Despite this, onshore wind projects are under threat from the UK government.

The report also shows that £7 of every £10 spent on onshore wind projects is invested in to the UK thus supplying ~ £200m of investment to local communities that host wind farms creating jobs across the supply chain. Almost half of the total spend to develop a wind farm is retained in the region in which the project is located. Wind power is decentralised in terms of its location and connection to the grid, but also its economic benefits which isn’t seen in other renewable technologies.

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