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Nicola Sturgeon to open the World’s first floating wind farm - 18th October


The 5 Siemens 6MW turbines which are mounted on SPAR buoy foundations were towed into position in August after having been assembled in Norway.

The Norwegian energy firm Statoil is the company that developed the turbines, which is notable as they are looking at diversifying from carbon-based fuels.

The technology used employs a 78 m tall underwater ballast with 3 mooring lines to keep the turbine upright and attached to the sea bed. The turbine itself is 172 m tall with 75 m long blades and will produce 30 MW in ideal conditions, enough to power 20,000 UK homes. The floating design allows for the turbines to be situated in much deeper water than conventional offshore turbines which are usually limited to depths of up to 50 m. The windfarm is positioned in water depths of up to 129 m about 15 miles off the coast of Peterhead, with Statoil believing the technology has potential to work in depths up to 700 m.

The increased depth in which these wind farms could be placed allows for them to be sited much further offshore than conventional offshore wind farms, allowing for a much smaller visual impact from the coast and the ability to use them in more countries which have much deeper coastlines, such as the west coast of the US and Japan.

The project also helps further develop Scotland’s huge offshore wind potential and ensures Scotland’s position on the forefront of wind technologies, both on and offshore, while providing a significant contribution to the Scottish economy.

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