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New study shows earlier climate ‘payback’ with aggressive emission reductions – 5th April


A new paper, Early benefits of mitigation in risk of regional climate extremes published by Nature Climate Change, has discovered that early mitigation and emission reductions are proving to ‘payback’ much earlier than previously thought.

The team behind the paper modelled scenarios of a warming world, one with a ‘business as usual’ model, and one where emissions are reduced enough to keep global warming below 2°C above pre-industrial times. The findings revealed that it takes less than 20 years for many regions with a risk of extreme seasonal temperatures to halve following the initiation of mitigation measures.

This study highlights that action taken now will have a direct and notable impact on reducing climate change within our lifetimes, and not only visible later in the century as previously thought.  

To read more from the University of Exeter, click here.

A preview of the paper in Nature Climate Change can be seen here.

Photo credit: University of Exeter

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