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New South Wales experiance record temperatures over summer - 3rd March


Scientists say the likelihood of extreme summer is more likely with Global Warming.

New South Wales, Australia has just experienced its hottest summer on record with average temperatures 2.8C above average from December to February. According to scientists at Bureau of Meteorology, a long hot summer is 50 times more likely and an extremely hot day is 10 time more likely due to the effects of climate change.

Three days in February were the hottest since 1939. This kind of weather event that would have been considered a one in 500-year occurrence a hundred years ago, before global warming had a significant impact on the climate but has now become a one in 50-year event, according to the new research.

Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, a researcher at the New South Wales’ Climate Change Research Centre said that a summer as hot could occur once every 5 years due to climate change. This could eventually make Sydney and unliveable city. She also went on to say Sydney was unprepared for the knock-on effects of a significant increase in average summer temperatures.

Energy regulators warned last month that the electricity network was not equipped to supply enough power to cover the demand from air conditioners in Sydney for the heatwave on 9 to 11 February.

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