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New report finds Scottish wind farms have 'no effect' on tourism - 3rd August

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There is 'no overall relationship' between tourism employment and the development of onshore wind farms in an area, according to a new report by BiGGAR Economics.

The study found there to be no evidence to suggest wind farms in Scotland had an adverse effect on tourism in an area.  In order to complete the study, the level of wind farm installations and the level of tourism employment in Scotland between 2009 and 2013 at a national and local level, were analysed.

The findings of the report show that wind turbines in Scotland increased by 121% while tourism-related employment rose by 10.8%.  It concluded that there was 'no clear relationship between the growth in the onshore wind sector and growth in the tourism sector'.  

Responding to the release of the report, WWF Scotland Director Lang Banks said "Hopefully this latest research will finally put to bed the myth that wind farms have a negative impact on tourism jobs... in fact the reality is that in some cases wind farms have themselves become tourist attractions".

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