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New report finds coal power must end by 2050 to prevent 1.3m sea level rise – 26th October


A new report from the University of Melbourne has concluded that coal-powered electricity will need to be near eliminated by 2050 in order to avoid the predicted 1.3m of sea level rise which would devastate coastal cities.

The paper draws on new knowledge of Antarctic processes, which shows that the majority of sea level rise could be avoided if the Paris agreement limits of 2C was adhered to. If these are not met however, sea levels will rise by an estimated 1.32m according to the latest report – 50% higher than previous estimations.

The Antarctic processes will develop when warming reaches over 1.9C, and all the scenarios that were modelled showed the coal could only make up 5% of world energy mix by 2050 if sea level rise is to be limited to 0.5m. These findings from the report, which develops on research from previous studies, highlight the importance of moving away from fossil fuels towards alternative energy sources.

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