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New analysis indicates the Paris climate agreement is set to become law in 2016 - 22nd August


57 countries, accounting for nearly 60% of global emissions, have now indicated they will sign the agreement before the end of the year.  If this happens, the Paris climate agreement will become international law.

Last week, announcements from Japan and New Zealand increased the figures to over the required 55 countries and 55% of emissions.  The agreement will be activated 30 days after enough countries have ratified the deal.

Patricia Espinosa, UN climate chief, said she was 'very hopeful' that enough countries would follow through on their intensions.  She explained "Now is the time for ratification and for implementation.  It is the time to act together, it is the time to avoid disastrous consequences of climate change".

To date, only 22 countries, representing 1.08% of global greenhouse gas emissions, have taken this step.  Leaders have been invited to a special event on 21st September, where they will be invited to present their ratification to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

Ratification is a more difficult prospect than obtaining a signature, as 180 countries so far have signed the deal.  Ratification indicates a government has the domestic power to bind their country to the deal and this sometimes requires approval from domestic lawmakers.

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