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MP’s urge parliament to approve 2030 carbon target - 27th April


An influential committee of MP’s has urged that the government should approve the UK’s 2030’s carbon target in the wake of the signing of the Paris agreement on climate change.

The fifth carbon budget sets a limit on the quantity of greenhouse gases that can be produced across the country between 2028 and 2032, as a way of meeting national and international commitments on combating global warming. The target (which is set by the Committee on Climate Change, the statutory body set up under the Climate Change Act), must be approved by parliament before it can enter into force.

Angus MacNeil (Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Committee) stated that“The UK can’t afford any further delays when it comes to replacing dirty power stations with cleaner forms of generation. Investors need certainty and setting a decarbonisation target for the energy sector would signal the government’s commitment to phasing out fossil fuels.”

The MP’s also recommended that the UK’s share of international transport should be included for the first time in a carbon budget, and that ministers should set stringent limits on emissions from electricity generation. The government has already said the targets set in Paris would be legally binding.

The UK’s first three carbon budgets have been met, but further policies may be needed to meet the fourth. The Climate Change Act, which has since been copied by other countries, was the first to set carbon budgets and to ensure that they extended well beyond the term of the parliament in which they were approved, in order to bind future governments to long-term policy commitments.

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