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Met Office confirms that 2015 and 2016 are set to break global heat records - 14th September


Report predicts that the next two years likely to be hottest recorded as the world’s climate reaches major turning point – but UK summers may be cooler.

Pacific and Atlantic oceans natural climate cycles are reversing and will amplify the strong manmade-driven global warming, the report concludes. This will change weather patterns around the world including more heatwaves, but it is possible that the UK will actually have cooler summers.

Professor Adam Scaife who led the Met Office analysis states that “We will look back on this period as an important turning point,” “That is why we are emphasising it, because there are so many big changes happening at once. This year and next year are likely to be at, or near, record levels of warming.”

2014 broke the record for the hottest year, when heatwaves scorched China, Russia, Australia and parts of South America. But, despite rising greenhouse gas emissions continuing to trap more heat on Earth, the last decade has seen relatively slow warming of air temperatures, dubbed a “pause” in climate change by some.

In fact, global warming had not paused at all. Instead, natural climate cycles led to more of the trapped heat being stored in the oceans. Now, according to the Met Office report, all the signs are that the pause in rising air temperatures is over and the rate of global warming will accelerate fast in coming years.

The above report comes ahead of the UN summit in Paris in November at which the world’s nations must hammer out a deal to halt climate change.

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