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Majority of Scots support wind power - 20th March


A YouGov survey for industry body Scottish Renewables found that 71% of people want the continued development of wind power as part of Scotland's energy mix, compared to 64% in February 2013.

The Support was highest among younger Scots, with 81% of those aged 18-24 backing wind power, compared to 65% of over-55s.

The survey showed it was lowest in southern Scotland (64%) and highest in Glasgow and the Lothians (both 79%).

Onshore wind capacity in Scotland has risen by 20% over the same time period, Scottish Renewables added.

Senior policy manager Joss Blamire said: "These poll results highlight once again that not only do the vast majority of Scots support wind power, but the number who do is actually increasing.

"The wind energy sector is thriving in Scotland, providing jobs, investment and helping to tackle climate change — and these figures show it's doing all of this with the Scottish public right behind it, We are often told by a vocal minority of objectors that Scots don't like wind power but this poll shows there is absolutely no evidence to support this — in fact, quite the opposite."

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