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Locals look to reduce single-use plastic containers contaminating the oceans - 21st July


Schools, Business and Councils are being urged to spread the resistance to single-use plastic to reduce millions of tonnes of it making its way into the oceans. These institutions are being targets by the plastic free coastline campaign which is looking to end the use of the plastic bag.

Yesterday, a video was released by Surfers Against Sewage which shows the scale of plastic waste which makes its way into and sits in the world’s oceans. The UN has estimated this year that there are 51,000,000,000,000 (Trillion!) microplastic particles in the ocean today – 500 times more than the number of stars in the sky.

In June, United Nations secretary general António Guterres called for a global step change to reduce plastic pollution in the marine environment, from local and national initiatives to an urgent, coordinated international effort.

The plan to reduce the amount of plastic includes;

·         Urging local government to lead change within their local areas

·         get at least three single-use plastic items, such as straws, plastic bottles or condiment sachets, removed from local businesses and replaced with sustainable alternatives

·         get other organisations to adopt the plastic free message; from Scouts groups to churches and schools

·         arrange community events, for example street or beach cleans and

·         set up a steering group to coordinate the actions.

On Monday, Aberystwyth town council will discuss a motion to reduce plastic in the area, Councillor Alun Williams has put forward a case supporting the campaign, Williams called on the council to reduce the use of throwaway plastic by shops and vendors in the Welsh seaside town.


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