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Liberia Hydropower back up and running - 15th March


The national grid in Liberia has taken a huge leap forward with the re-energising and re-starting of the hydropower plant damaged in the civil war. The National gird of Liberia has been running on 38MW of power, which according to official figure was only enough to power 38,000 homes.

The dam was damaged during the 1st Liberia civil war in 1990 but through funding from the US, Europe and Saudi Arabia they have managed to refurbish and bring the plant back online.

With the plant now back online, it has had a massive impact on local homeowners and businesses. Eva Kollie, a bakery owner has seen her daily generator cost of up to $20 for fuel reduce to $50 per month.

The nation's electricity problems are not limited to a lack of production, up to 40% of the electricity generated is siphoned off illegally. When the hydropower was handed back to the Liberia government they were told approximately 44,000 people were connected, however due to the issue in reality it is only 15,000.

Liberia aim to have 100,000 connections by the end of 2017 with a push for more people to be connected and disconnect the users taking the power illegally.

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