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Let’s build a future we can all benefit from - 7th March


If we elect to continue the kinds of infrastructure that lock us into ongoing current high-carbon lifestyles, we will fail to meet our own targets on climate change and fail to make a contribution to international efforts to keep temperature rises below 1.5C.

However, if we choose to invest in low carbon infrastructure, not only can we ward off the effects of global warming but also create jobs and improve quality of life.

There are several ways that you can judge how the Scottish Government is doing on climate change. Ministers say the right things about climate change and the need for a low carbon economy. Policy documents, like the plan that spells out how we will meet climate targets, include some good policies and appear to add up. But a key test is to look at where the money is going. In the coming year’s Scottish budget there is £820m going on major roads. Meanwhile less than 2% of the total transport budget is going towards walking and cycling. That imbalance clearly shows we haven’t got our priorities right yet.

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