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Largest solar farm in Scotland granted planning permission - 16th August


The largest solar farm in Scotland has recently been granted planning permission in Moray. The project is being developed by Elgin Energy and will produce up to 20MW of energy due to the 80,000 solar panels which are set to be installed.

Speyslaw, where the solar farm will be located, is a 47 hectare site which is equivalent to approximately 40 football pitches.

Development for the project has not yet started but will also include a substation, 20 inverter stations and a CCTV system, with a habitat management plan in place before the building work will commence. The project has been designed for the cables to be fitted underground, which will allow sheep to continue grazing around the panels.

The agreed rented time for the site is 30 years, with one year additional to allow for the project to be decommissioned and restored back to a healthy state.

Moray Council welcomes the large scale renewable energy project as the habitat management plan will ensure the natural environment will not suffer because of it. It is also helping Scotland to reach its climate change targets and it’s located in an area of natural resources.

Currently Scotland’s largest solar farm is at Errol Estate in Perthshire. This became operational in May of last year and produces up to 13MW. Power from the scheme is generated to more than 3,500 homes from the 55,000 panels.

However the projects are not stopping here as Elgin Energy already has another, larger plan in the pipeline. They claim it will produce 50MW of energy and is to be located also in Moray. A planning decision will not be issued until next year for this project.

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