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Kite power offers an innovative method to harness wind energy – 12th October


Kite power, a recent innovation, offers an alternative strategy to onshore wind development which developers claim to be easy and cost-effective to install and maintain.

The research and development project, which is a kite power station, has now gained planning permission and is set to be created in Stranraer, Scotland. The technology involves two giant kites measuring up to 75mwhich are rigged to either side of a turbine. The first kite rises with the wind, to a height of up to 450m high in a figure of eight pattern, which in turn pulls a rope that rotates a drum within the turbine to produce electricity.  The kites which are also attached to each other to move in tandem, as one rises, the other descends meaning that electricity can be generated almost constantly. The developers of the new technology have said that one full sized kite could generate 2-3MW of electricity.

Whilst the first kite system isn’t expected to become operational until April 2017, this new technology offers a prospect of an exciting and innovative method of harnessing wind power for the future.

Read more on the BBC, Independent, the Guardian and Engineering and Technology websites.

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