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Industry asks why EU Coal Subsidies Match Onshore Wind, as Renewable Costs Plummet - 15th October

Wind Farm Subsidies

Of the total €120 bn to €140 in energy subsidies handed out by 28 EU member states in 2012, coal accounted for €10.1 bn, exactly the same amount as onshore wind, despite it being a markedly more mature industry and its central role in driving up greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Moreover, unpublished parts of the report revealed that onshore wind is now the cheapest form of energy once external factors such as pollution and health costs are taken into account. According to the leaked calculations, onshore wind farms provided power at a cost of around €105/MWh, compared to gas up at €164/MWh and coal, where costs reached a high of €233/MWh. The high total cost associated with coal power meant it was also undercut by offshore wind, solar, and nuclear, all of which boasted a cost of around €125/MWh.

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