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Hydrogen storage in salt caverns is the new way forward - 1st June 2015

salt cavern

Storing hydrogen deep underground in salt caverns and converting it into power could help meet the UK’s future peak energy and load following demands, according to a new report published by the Energy Technologies institute (ETI).

A report written by ETI’s Carbon Capture and Storage Strategy Manager Den Gammer, examines the role hydrogen storage could play in a responsive power system. The report argues that by storing large quantities of reliable, affordable and flexible way of harnessing power in the UK.

The UK currently has around 30 large caverns which are currently being used to store oil and natural gases. Whilst these fuels still have roles to play in meeting the targets, these plants should be fitted with CCS technology. Building a 10GW CCS sector by 2030 is both feasible and affordable. CCS can capture emissions from industry, help render low carbon gas and deliver “negative emissions” when cobined with bio-energy.

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