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How Would you Cut Carbon while Meeting Energy Demand? - 10th October

2050 carbon reduction tool

The UK government has created a digital game called ‘My2050’, which allows anyone to try their hand at meeting tough carbon reduction targets while finding enough energy to power our economy in the years ahead.

From increasing solar power and cutting coal, to asking your citizens to simply turn down the central heating, what choices would you make for a sustainable future if you were in power?

A number of employees at the Guardian Newspaper had a go, and their responses varied from utilising 200,000 onshore wind turbines and a decrease in average house temperature to 17 degrees to utilising 50 large new nuclear power stations and all cars running on hydrogen or electric.

For more detail on the Guardian employee’s choices, please click HERE.

To have a go at creating your own solution to meeting carbon reduction targets which finding enough energy to power our economy, please click HERE.

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