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Has Ireland's climate plan gone with the wind? - 27th July


Ireland is facing a dilema, trying to secure economic growth targets while fighting the battle against climate change. On one side Ireland's planners want to see significant growth in the agricultural and food industries, a sector which is one of the country's economic pillars, accounting for 8% of GDP, while trying to lower Greenhouse Gas emissions to meet the EU targets of "at least" 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.

The problem lies in the fact around 33% of Ireland's total emissions already come from agriculture and food production - namely the methane produced by the flatuence of Irelands seven million cattle and use of nitrogen-based fertilisers.

The report was produced by Ireland's Institute of International and European Affairs and the Royal Dublin Society which has brought to light the clash between government economic targets and also the need to meet EU targets for climate change.

The report has recommended farmers become more "climate smart" with large scale investment required to bring in new technology and science in order to promote carbon-efficent dairy and beef production systems.

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